Wiring MASTERCELL Inputs to the GTM Column

For all of those guys building a Factory Five GTM with the C5 Corvette steering column, here is how you connect the Infinitybox MASTERCELL inputs to the column harness.

Connect these pins to the MASTERCELL inputs:

  • Pins D, Z, X & W – Connect to Ground
  • Pin V – Horn input to MC
  • Pin R – Park lights input to MC
  • Pin L – Low Beam input to MC
  • Pin K – High Beam Input to MC
  • Pin G – Left Turn Input to MC
  • Pin F – Right Turn Input to MC

Depending on which turn-signal style you want (1-filament vs. multi-filament), refer to your configuration sheet for the specific wire colors.  You can download the Infinitybox GTM Configuration Sheet by clicking here.

Many thanks to Shane Vacek at VRaptor Speedworks for sending us this information.

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