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Updated 818 Manual

Guys have been wiring their Factory Five cars since we started this business over 8 years ago.  Hundreds of our kits have been used in the MK4 Roadster, the ’33 Hot Rod, the Type 65 Coupe and the GTM Supercar.  When Factory Five developed their new 818 a few years ago, we worked with their beta builders to create a configuration of our 20-Circuit Kit to help guys wire this car too.  In addition to a configuration specific to this car, we created a detailed set of instructions showing you how to wire all of the Subaru switches directly to our MASTERCELL inputs.  We just released an updated 818 manual based on recent customer feedback.

The original configuration for the 818 was set up exclusively for 1-filament brake lights.  This means that the turn signal bulbs in the rear of the car worked together as the brake lights.  When you flipped on the left turn signal, the output for the left turn signal would flash.  Same for the right.  If you stepped on the brake pedal, both the left and right turn signals on the rear POWERCELL would come on together for the brake lights.  If you have a turn signal on when you stepped on the brake pedal, that turn signal would override the brake lights on that side of the car.  The configuration was set up to match the tail lights that customers got in their kits from Factory Five.

Guys have wanted more flexibility with the tail lights that they were using on the back of the 818.  In some cases, they were using clusters that had separate bulbs for the brake lights.  We call this multi-filament turn signals.  With this update, there is a dedicated brake light output on the rear POWERCELL that can be used for these light clusters.  You simply pick a different input to the MASTERCELL for the brake pedal switch.  All of this is detailed in the updated 818 manual.

If you want to learn more about the differences between single and multi-filament turn signals, you can read this blog post.

You can download the updated 818 manual by clicking this link.

We also update the configuration sheets for the 818 kit.  There are two versions: you can download the standard version by clicking here or you can download the version set up for the optional inRESERVE solenoid by clicking here.

If you have any questions about the updated 818 manual or any parts of our Infinitybox system, click here to contact our technical support team.

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