Infinitybox Wiring Systems for Restoration & Performance

Picture of the Infinitybox 20-Circuit Kit

Infinitybox 20-Circuit Wiring Harness Kit

The Infinitybox 20-Circuit Kit is our most powerful and flexible wiring system. You get the ability to control 20 switched outputs in the car. It includes one MASTERCELL and two POWERCELLs. You locate these POWERCELLs remotely in the car where you need them to reduce wiring and installation time. You can expand the 3-Cell Kit with any of the Infinitybox accessories.

The Infinitybox 10-Circuit Kit

Infinitybox 10-Circuit Wiring Harness Kit

The Infinitybox 10-Circuit Kit gets you a wiring system that will control 10 switched outputs in your car. It includes one MASTERCELL and one POWERCELL. You can expand the 10-Circuit Kit with any of the Infinitybox accessories.


Infinitybox inTOUCH NET

inTOUCH NET offers revolutionary connectivity into the Infinitybox System through any web-enabled device. You can control the functions in your car through any Apple or Android product. You get complete control of any of our base kits and our entire suite of accessories including controlling your windows through inMOTION and your heat & A/C through inVIRONMENT.


Infinitybox inLINK

inLINK gets you a powerful alarm system and immobilizer built right into Infinitybox. It includes two multi-function key fobs plus an encrypted radio board that installs in the MASTERCELL. No external modules are required. It also gets you the ability to remotely control lighting, door locks, trunk poppers and door poppers through the included key fobs.


Infinitybox inRESERVE Active Battery Management System

inRESERVE starts working when you turn off your car. It constantly monitors the voltage level of your battery when the ignition is off. If the system voltage gets too low, inRESERVE disconnects the battery, preserving the remaining voltage. This prevents deep discharging which is both detrimental to your battery life and inconvenient for you.

The Infinitybox inMOTION Cell

Infinitybox inMOTION Motor Controller Kit

inMOTION gets you the flexibility to control things in your car that have to change direction. This includes things like power windows, lock actuators, linear actuators and headlight covers. It has 5 pairs of outputs that change polarity for direction control. You can control it through MASTERCELL inputs, the inLINK key fob or inTOUCH NET.

Side View of the Infinitybox POWERCELL

Infinitybox POWERCELL Expansion Kit

You can easily expand the number of outputs in your car with additional POWERCELLs. Each POWERCELL adds 10 more outputs to your wiring system. You can have a total of 16 POWERCELLs on a single Infinitybox CAN network. The POWERCELL kit includes everything that you would need to wire it into your existing Infinitybox 10 or 20-Circuit Kit.

The Infinitybox inVIRONMENT Control Module

Infinitybox inVIRONMENT Heat & A/C Controller

To step up your level of control in your car, Infinitybox has developed the inVIRONMENT Control Module. This is specifically engineered to give you complete control of the blend position, fan speed and temperature settings on your Vintage Air Gen-IV™ System. You now have complete freedom to control your heat and air-conditioning with the Infinitybox System through inTOUCH NET.

The Infinitybox inCODE Programmer

Infinitybox inCODE Programmer

inCODE gets you the ability to update the code on your system. If you want custom functions and features in your Infinitybox system, reach out to our tech team and we’ll modify your code to your requirements. You then use inCODE to update the system. Customers can purchase inCODE for repeat use or we have a rental program. Contact our sales team for more info.

inVERT Mini

Infinitybox inVERT Mini

The Infinitybox inVERT Mini gives installers the flexibility to connect 12-volt switched triggers to the Infinitybox MASTERCELL. Its simple circuitry buffers the incoming trigger signal and converts to the required ground signal.

Power Plug

Infinitybox Power Plug

The Infinitybox POWERPLUG 12-volt accessory harness lets you add convenient constant power where you need it in your car. It uses the same rock-solid connectors as the primary power feeds to the POWERCELLs. They are sealed and reliable. You simply plug the POWERPLUG into an unused connector on one of your POWERCELLs to get clean, fused 12-volt power. Use this as a constant feed for your audio memory, clocks, ECU memory. Each POWERCELL can have one POWERPLUG on it. Each POWERPLUG can supply up to 20-amps. The POWERPLUG includes an OEM quality Mini fuse holder to ensure proper circuit protection.

The Infinitybox Splice Saver Kit

Infinitybox Splice Saver Kit

The Infinitybox Splice Saver Kit gives you an easy way to connect multiple accessories to a single POWERCELL output.  Examples include powering your ECU, gauge power, stereo power and A/C power from a single ignition output.  Other examples include lighting, locks and stereo power.  You can power 5 separate wires from a single input wire.  The internal buss bar can be split to create two separate circuits, each with a single input and two outputs.