Infinitybox Power Distribution Products for Commercial Vehicles

The Infinitybox POWERCELL, Top Down

Infinitybox J1939 POWERCELL Output Module

The J1939 POWERCELL gives you a modular and flexible power distribution unit. It uses solid-state MOSFETs on each output for rugged and durable control.  You can connect any J1939 input device to the POWERCELL to control the outputs. These include switch panels, touch screens and other J1939 enabled controllers.

The Infinitybox inMOTION Cell

Infinitybox J1939 inMOTION Polarity Control Module

The J1939 inMOTION Motor Controller gives you a modular and flexible power distribution unit, designed to control outputs that need to change direction. This includes valve solenoids, linear actuators, window motors and lock solenoids. The polarity control for these devices is built directly into the inMOTION Cell.

The Infinitybox IOX- Input/Output Expander

Infinitybox IOX CAN Input/Output Expander

The Infinitybox IOX J1939 Input/Output Expander gives you a simple way to add switches to any CAN system. The package is small and easily loomed into your wiring harness. The IOX also can drive LED’s for indicators on any switch.

Custom Radio Remote Control Options

Infinitybox Custom Radio Control Solutions

Infinitybox has the capabilities to create a wide range of remote control interfaces for your vehicle.  We have both 1-way and 2-way radios in the 433 MHz, 916 MHz and 2.4 GHz spectrum to suit specific applications.  We can engineer custom housings and mark the units as needed.  Contact our sales team to learn more.