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Reverse Lockout Solenoid

A customer just sent us pictures showing how he wired a switch into his transmission shifter to control his reverse lockout solenoid.  He wanted to make sure that he couldn’t accidentally shift into reverse when he was in the upper gears.  By using our Infinitybox wiring system, he was able to easily control this solenoid. […]

Mercury Rising Wins 2021 Street Machine of the Year

Our Infinitybox system has been used to wire the best cars out there.  We’ve helped our customers win some of the most prestigious awards out there.  Chad F’s “Mercury Rising” just won the Goodguys 2021 PPG Street Machine of the Year.  Congratulations to to Chad and the entire team behind building the car.  This 1969 […]

Race Car Replicas SL-C Steering Column Wiring

This blog post is going to give you the details for wiring the steering column connector on your Race Car Replicas Superlite Coupe.  Fran and his team at RCR have been engineering and manufacturing one of the highest performance and most complete kits to build super cars.  Their chassis are engineered to perfection, the body […]

System Current Draw

When you wire your car or truck with our Infinitybox system, you are adding a powerful electrical management system to your build.  We do so much more than a traditional wiring harness.  Our system has the power and intelligence to get you modern electrical control of your muscle car, restoration, street-rod, hot-rod, resto-mod, pro-touring car […]

E-Stopp Emergency Brake System Wiring

Here is another installment in our series showing how the Infinitybox system plays nicely with other electronics systems.  A lot of you have asked how to wire the E-Stopp Push-Button Emergency Brake System so here’s the answer.  It is really easy.  Learn how to do it in this blog post plus download a wiring diagram […]


We get a lot of questions about wiring windshield wipers and washer pumps with our Infinitybox system.  There can be a lot of complexity with windshield wiper kits because of the functions that need to be managed.  There are multiple speeds, which are usually different windings on the wiper motor.  There can be intermittent features, […]

Dakota Digital PAC-2800BT Cooling Fan Controller

This blog post is going to show you how to use the Dakota Digital PAC-2800BT to control your cooling fan with the Infinitybox system.  The PAC-2800BT is a powerful controller that lets you program the temperatures that turn on and turn off your cooling fans.  You have the flexibility to use any temperature sender, take […]

Unisteer Wiring

Unisteer has been selling easy-to-install electrical power steering systems since 2004.  They sell bolt-on replacement rack & pinion kits for classics, restorations, custom cars, muscle cars and resto-mods.  They have an innovative line of electric power steering kits that are powerful and easy to install in any car or truck.  This blog post is going […]

Floor Mounted Dimmer Switch

When it comes to controlling lights with our Infinitybox system, you have many different options.  This is especially true for your headlights and high-beams.  You can see earlier blog posts about wiring headlights and high-beams by clicking these links.  In most cases, you are going to use the headlight and high-beam outputs on the front […]

New Infinitybox Website

Okay Folks, We doing a complete overhaul to the Infinitybox website.  Most of the improvements are in the background and will improve speed and responsiveness.  We’re also going through all of our documentation and blog posts to clean up and organize.  Please be patient with us as we make this transition.  If there is content […]