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Programming with the Microchip PICKit 4

You can use the Microchip PICKit 4 In-Circuit Debugger to load code onto your Infintybox MASTERCELL, POWERCELL and inMOTION cell.  This is an advanced feature and you would only need to do this when instructed by the Infinitybox team.  There is a special programming harness required.  Contact Infinitybox technical support for more details.  Please follow […]

1971 Pantera

Here’s another great example of a customer’s car wired with our Infinitybox system.  This is a highly customized 1971 DeTomaso Pantera built by Dave A, the cars owner.  The finished product is beautiful.  The stance is aggressive, the color pops and there are custom details all over the car.  All of the pictures in this […]

Dakota Digital GSS-3000

This blog post will show you the connections that you need to make between your Infinitybox 20-Circuit Kit and the Dakota Digital GSS-3000 Universal Gear Shift Sender.  The GSS-3000 is designed to drive the gear selector indicators on your dash from any automatic transmission.  Their kit has a rotary potentiometer that connects to the shift […]

Soldering Components In-Line

Okay… we do our best to not take things for granted.  In all of our blog posts, we always try to give you as much fundamental information on the material that we are presenting.  Every once in a while, we get called out by our customers for not explaining something thoroughly.  This post is intended […]

+12 Volt Brake Light Signals

Our MASTERCELL uses ground switching to control all of the electrical functions in your car. There are many advantages to ground switching. You need less wire, you are only triggering a signal so the there is less current flowing through the switch and you can get the ability for combinational logic easily. This link will […]

Wiring the Holley HP EFI System

This blog post goes through the details of wiring the Holley HP EFI System with our Infinitybox 20-Circuit Kit.  We will show you the ease and simplicity of wiring your EFI system with Infinitybox.  The wiring is simple and short and you can eliminate the need for external relays.  We’ll go through the key steps […]

Jeep CJ7 Wiring Diagrams

We’ve had our 1979 Jeep CJ7 on the road for a few years, fully wired with our Infinitybox system.  It is a great test vehicle for our products.  If you haven’t seen the install series for the Jeep, you can see all the details including the videos by clicking this link.  We created a full […]

1967 Camaro at SEMA Battle of the Builders

Jeremy, Tim and the entire team at Miranda Built did it again.  Their 1967 Camaro placed Top 10 in the Hot Rod category and Top 40 overall at the SEMA 2021 Battle of the Builders.  This is another beautiful example of their creativity, skill and attention to detail.  Our Infinitybox team is proud to be […]

Haltech ECU Wiring Diagram

Here’s the answer to a question that we get asked a lot.  Will the Infinitybox system work with my ECU or EFI system?  The answer is always, YES.  We play nicely with everyone’s fuel injection system.  We recently received this question related to the Haltech Elite 950 ECU.  This blog post is going to show […]

Reverse Lockout Solenoid

A customer just sent us pictures showing how he wired a switch into his transmission shifter to control his reverse lockout solenoid.  He wanted to make sure that he couldn’t accidentally shift into reverse when he was in the upper gears.  By using our Infinitybox wiring system, he was able to easily control this solenoid. […]