Picture of the Gen-IV Heating & A/C Unit from Vintage Air

Vintage Air Wiring

Here’s a quick follow up blog post to the one that we just did on trinary switches for air-condition systems.  A lot of guys want to know how they wire power to their Gen-IV heating & air-conditioning system from Vintage Air.  This post is going to his the basics about Vintage Air wiring with our Infinitybox system.

As with any electronic system that you’re going to install in your car, carefully read and thoroughly understand the instructions before you start.  Most of our customers are using the GEN-IV system from Vintage Air.  You can download a quick electrical diagram for this system by clicking this link.

There are two power connections that you need to make for the GEN-IV.  The first is a connection directly to the battery for constant +12-volts.  This is the large-gauge red wire in their harness.  It has a circuit breaker in-line to protect the wire from overloads.  Per their instructions, they recommend that this red power feed gets connected directly to the battery to minimize any voltage drop.

The second connection is for the ignition power for the system.  On most of their systems, this is a violet wire in their harness.  This ignition feed wire gets connected to the ignition output on your POWERCELL.  When the ignition is on, this wire has to have battery voltage on it to turn on the Vintage Air GEN-IV.  The majority of the current required to operate the GEN-IV is coming from the direct connection to the battery.  This ignition trigger wire requires very little current and can be spliced into the ignition output on the POWERCELL directly.  You do not need to add a relay for this.

You can splice this violet wire directly into the POWERCELL output wire.  You can also create a terminal block for your switched ignition feeds. The best option it to use our Splice Saver Kit to create a secure and sealed ignition bus.

Wiring ignition key-on power with the Infinitybox Splice Saver Kit

Wiring ignition key-on power with the Infinitybox Splice Saver Kit

Lastly, you need to make sure that you have the grounds properly connected for the Vintage Air harness.  In their wiring diagrams, these are the white wires.

These instructions are applicable for any version of the Infinitybox system, whether or not you’re using inTOUCH NET or inVIRONMENT.

Click here to contact our technical support team with any questions. 


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