Picture of the Nu-Relics Nu-Crank System

Nu-Crank Master Power Window Switch

Nu-Relics has been manufacturing power windows solutions for restorations since 2005.  They pride themselves in making direct drop-in electric power windows for classic cars and trucks.  Their products use the highest quality materials and are designed with the exact bolt pattern required for your project.  They also use the exact same geometry for smooth and reliable power window action.  They also make a very clever product called Nu-Crank.  This is a switch assembly that they developed to control your power windows.  The big difference from other window switches is that Nu-Crank uses the original window crank to drive the power windows up and down.  You get the look of the original interior in your classic car with the convenience of power windows.   The Nu-Crank mounts in the location where the original crank was located.  You lift the crank to raise the power window and push down on the crank to lower it.  It is very simple and elegant.

You can very easily integrate the Nu-Crank switches into our Infinitybox system to control your power windows with our inMOTION Motor Controller Cell.  With our 20-Circuit Kit and inMOTION, you can control your power windows from any switch, that includes the Nu-Crank switches.  The MASTERCELL inputs wire to the switches and inMOTION reverses the polarity going to the motors.  It is very easy.

A customer asked us recently how if there was a way to control both the driver and passenger power windows from the driver’s side of the car without reaching over to the passenger side.  The answer is yes.  This can be done easily by adding a Double Pole, Double Throw (DPDT) switch to your harness.  A DPDT switch has two different sets of contacts inside.  It also has two switched positions.  Using this DPDT switch, you can route the driver’s Nu-Crank switch contacts to two different pairs of MASTERCELL inputs.  See the wiring diagram below.

Picture of wiring diagram showing how to wire the Nu-Relic Nu-Crank power window switches with the Infinitybox system

Picture of wiring diagram showing how to wire the Nu-Relic Nu-Crank power window switches with the Infinitybox system

The wire colors shown in this diagram may not match the MASTERCELL inputs or inMOTION outputs for your specific system.  Please reference the configuration sheet that came with your kit for exact wire colors.

You can easily hide this DPDT switch on the drivers side of the car.  By flipping the switch between the driver and passenger position, you get the ability to control either power window from the driver’s switch.  That way, you can control the passenger window without having to reach across the car to move the Nu-Crank switch.

Since the MASTERCELL inputs require so little current to trigger the input, you can use practically any DPDT switch.  The MASTERCELL inputs require less than 1 milliamp so you do not have to worry about damaging the contacts of your DPDT switch of the contacts in the Nu-Crank switch after repeated operation.

You can download a PDF of this wiring diagram by clicking this link.

You can contact our team by clicking this link.  We can help with any technical questions about wiring your car or truck with our Infinitybox system.