Welcome to the Infinitybox Jeep CJ7 Install Page

We’re doing a full install of our Infinitybox system into this Jeep.  Check out the step-by-step videos showing you the power and simplicity of the Infinitybox system for your resto-mod, street rod, hot rod, kit car or Pro-Touring build.  We’re doing this install in three phases.

  • Expand the System

    We’re going to add power locks and power windows.  These will be controlled by our inMOTION motor controller.

  • Advanced Control

    We’re going to add trail lights, audio and other electrical accessories.  We’ll also install our inTOUCH NET to show how you can control your car or truck with a smart phone or tablet.

Picture of a 1979 Jeep CJ7 wired with the Infinitybox system

Watch this introductory video to learn more about the project.

About the Jeep

This is a 1979 Jeep CJ7.  It is a beast.  It is powered by a well-built Chevy 350.  It has a 2″ suspension lift and a 2″ body lift.  It rides comfortably on a set of 33″ tires.  The shop that built it did a great job.  There is no rust on the body or chassis.  The interior is nicely done.  Mechanically, it is in great shape.

The wiring is another story.  It has been through a few owners since it was restored.  It seems that every owner hacked into the wiring in their own special way.  You can see where lighting was added, then removed.  There was an amplifier and a subwoofer in the back but they are long gone.  The wires for this were left dangling.  The gauge and dash wiring is a mess.  Some of the connections are butt-spliced, some are soldered, some use fast-on terminals.  There are wires under the hood and behind the dash that serve no purpose.  We’re going to gut the wiring and show you how easy it is to wire anything with our Infinitybox system.

Download Wiring Diagrams for Infinitybox Jeep Install

We have been documenting every step of the process of wiring the 1979 Jeep CJ7 with our Infinitybox system.  You can check out the videos below.  We have also created wiring diagrams for all the harnesses in the Jeep.  We’re using the Jeep just as an example.  Everything that we are doing here can be applied to whatever you are looking to wire.  Our Infinitybox system can be used to wire any restoration, street rod, resto-mod, hot rod, kit car, race car or Pro-Touring build.

These wiring diagrams cover routing primary power from the battery, running the CAN cables, all the switch wiring behind the dash, the chassis lighting, the under-hood wiring, the gauge wiring, the dash lighting and the accessories.

You can download these wiring diagrams in PDF for your reference.

Stay tuned for videos showing the step-by-step process of wiring the Jeep.  We walk you though the basic planning process, mounting the cells, running primary power from the battery, wiring your switches, wiring your outputs, powering up the system, testing and troubleshooting.  At end, you’ll learn everything you need to know to wire anything with our Infinitybox system.

1979 Jeep CJ7 Wiring Updates

Jeep Install Series-Introduction

Project Introduction- This video covers the overall scope of the project.  We’ll talk through the different phases and describe the Infinitybox products that we will use to wire the Jeep.

Jeep Install Series-Project Planning

Project Planning- The better you plan a project in advance, the easier it goes.  We talk through the documentation that comes with your Infinitybox system plus the resources available to you as you wire with your Infinitybox system.

Jeep Install Series-Fuse Location

MEGA Fuse Holder Location- Your 20-Circuit Kit comes with a primary block of high-current fuses that protect the battery feeds to your front & rear POWERCELLs.  This video talks through the best places to mount your MEGA fuse holder.

Jeep Install Series-inRESERVE

inRESERVE Location- We’re adding our inRESERVE Active Battery Management System to the 20-Circuit Kit going into the Jeep.  This video talks through the best places to mount your inRESERVE solenoid and reset button.

Jeep Install Series-MASTERCELL Location

MASTERCELL Location- This video talks through the best places to mount your MASTERCELL to optimize your switch wiring and make it easy to troubleshoot.

Jeep Install Series-POWERCELL Locations

POWERCELL Locations- This video talks through the best places to mount your front & rear POWERCELLs to optimize your output wiring and make it easy to maintain.

Jeep Install Series-Mounting MASTERCELL

MASTERCELL Mount- This blog post shows the mounts that we fabricated behind our dash to mount the MASTERCELL.  It will be located directly behind the glovebox door.