Download the New Diagnostic & Troubleshooting Document

One of the most powerful features of our Infinitybox system is the diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities that it has.  You can point to exactly where problems are in your electrical system with a few presses of buttons on your MASTERCELL and a glance at the LED indicators on the POWERCELL.  No scanners, tools or laptops are necessary.  We just published a new diagnostic and troubleshooting document in the Resources section of our website.

This new diagnostic and troubleshooting document covers all these built-in tools.  Each is shown with pictures and examples to show you what to look for on your MASTERCELL inSIGHT screen and the POWERCELL output indicator lights.

This new diagnostic and troubleshooting document shows covers these topics:

  1. The basics of Infinitybox diagnostics
  2. How to check the CAN cables
  3. How to check your switches
  4. How to check your outputs
  5. How to read the built-in Error Log
  6. How to use the POWERCELL over ride headers

You can get to this new Diagnostics and Troubleshooting guider under “Installation Instruction & Documentation” in the Reference section of our website.  You can also download the document by clicking this link.

Our technical support team is always available via email or the phone to walk you through getting your car wired with our Infinitybox system.  Click on this link to contact us for support or with questions.