Infinitybox CAD Models

Our customers are a unique breed of builder and fabricator.  They wire their cars and trucks with our Infinitybox system for a lot of different reasons.  To start, our system lets them simplify their wiring.  More importantly, our customers want more than just a plain, basic electrical system.  They want the same electrical features in their project that they have in their new, daily driver.  Our Infinitybox system lets them do that.  Since our customers are tinkers, makers and builders, they are using the latest solid modeling technology to virtually mock up their cars and trucks to make the project go more smoothly.  We get a lot of requests for CAD models for our cells, so we’ve made them available to our customers.

The introduction of on-line CAD tools like Audodesk’s Fusion 360 gives anyone in their garage access to very powerful and intuitive solid modeling tools.  You can import the CAD models for the Infinitybox MASTERCELLPOWERCELL and inMOTION cells into your projects.  You can check fitment, verify wire routing and make sure that you can access the cells, all in the computer before you cut any metal.

We have the solid models for the MASTERCELL, POWERCELL and inMOTION cells available in STEP and IGES formats.  Click on this link to contact our technical support team and we will send you the models.