Side shot of RCR SL-C wired with the Infinitybox System

SL-C Update

We love to get project updates from our customers.  Grant S. just sent us pictures of his painted Race Car Replicas Superlite Coupe.  He just proudly finished the paint and got the body back on the car.  This SL-C stands out anywhere it goes.  This paint job takes this one to a whole new level.  He’s close to finishing the project.

Rear 3/4 Shot of RCR SL-C wired with the Infinitybox System

Rear 3/4 Shot of RCR SL-C wired with the Infinitybox System

We’ve been working with the team at Race Car Replicas since 2011.  We engineered a complete turn-key wiring system for this car that controls everything.  At its core is a MASTERCELL with a POWERCELL in the front and a POWERCELL in the rear.  This kit also includes our inLINK wireless system for alarm and security functions.  Most importantly, this kit includes all of the wiring harnesses to connect all of the electrical systems in the car.

The SL-C is a very unique car.  The kit from Race Car Replicas is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.  You get all of the parts that you need to build a super-car.  The team at RCR know racing and that shows in every component that you get with this car.  Click on this link to learn more about the SL-C.

One of the benefits of our Infinitybox system is that we can tailor it to suit your specific needs.  In the case of Grant, he wanted to change the way that his parking lights worked to comply with Canadian rules of the road.  We also modified his one-button start sequence so that his fuel pumps had more time to prime.  Lastly, he added inRESERVE to his base SL-C kit to monitor and protect his batteries when the car was sitting idle.

Click on this link to contact our technical support team to learn  more about how our Infinitybox wiring system can work in your specific project.

Also, send us pictures of your car wired with our Infinitybox system.  We’ll get them up on our blog or in the Portfolio section on our website.

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