Harness Connectors

Our Infinitybox 10 and 20-Circuit Kits, plus our Express Racing Kits come with universal harnesses that connect to our MASTERCELLs, POWERCELLs and inMOTION Cells.  We chose the Aptiv family of connector systems for all of our harnesses.  They are cost effective, they are easy to work with, they don’t require expensive tools and they are easy to get through distributors.  Most importantly, they are proven in the field.

Sometimes customers make changes to their harnesses.  Sometimes they damage them and need to repair them.  Sometimes a customer just wants to build their own custom harnesses using the right connectors for the job.  We get asked a lot about the part numbers for these connectors so we just put them up in our Resources Section.  There is a new heading called Connector Components.  That has a complete bill of material for all of the harness connectors used in our system.  You can also get these documents at these links below.

Here is the document for the MASTERCELL.

Here is the document for the POWERCELL.

Here is the document for the inMOTION Cell.

We also get asked where you can buy these harness connectors.  You can get them from many different sources.  We prefer Mouser or Waytek Wire.

Give our technical support team a call if you have any questions about how to work with these connector parts.