We received a great question from a potential customer. He was looking to add the Infinitybox inLINK wireless upgrade to his system and wanted to know how secure it was.

inLINK is a great option for your Infinitybox kit because it easily adds remote control to your wiring system. You get our inLINK radio module and two key fobs. The radio module easily installs in the MASTERCELL.  If you purchase inLINK with your kit, we pre-install it for you. If you purchase it later, it is very easy to install yourself. It is completely plug & play with no software required.  This link will take you to the instructions to install inLINK in your MASTERCELL.

You can use your Infinitybox inLINK key fobs to control many things including your lighting, popping your doors and expressing-down your windows.  Most importantly, inLINK gets you security and alarm functions. When you press the lock button on the inLINK key fob, Infinitybox completely disables the inputs for the ignition, starter and fuel pump. This is done from within the MASTERCELL so it is very secure. If you try to start the car when Infinitybox security is on, you get a clear message on the inSIGHT LCD module alerting you that the car cannot be started. Additionally, you can tie MASTERCELL inputs to switches in your car so that if they are triggered when security is on, you can sound the horn or an external siren. This makes inLINK a very powerful vehicle immobilizer and alarm that is built right into Infinitybox with no additional wiring required.

Since inLINK is the key to the vehicle’s security, the question about the wireless encryption is important. We use Microchip’s KEELOQ hardware and encryption technology for inLINK. This is the exact same technology used in OEM remote entry systems, vehicle alarms, highway toll collection, garage door openers and medical device monitoring.

KEELOQ uses a frequency hopping, 64-bit code system. There are over 4-billion code combinations and every time you press a button, the system randomly generates a new code. The hardware is designed never to react to the same code twice. If you could try each of the different code combinations, it would take you 17-years to go through all of them.

We have our own seed key that is unique to Infinitybox so that other devices using the same KEELOQ technology cannot link to our system.

The Infinitybox inLINK system uses an industry proven, rock-solid technology to ensure reliable transmissions and hack-proof security.

You can learn more about inLINK at this link.