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Our Infinitybox Express Wiring Kits are a powerful but simple way to wire any race car.  We have versions for track cars and drag cars.  They give your the power and control to switch your ignition, starter solenoid, fuel pumps, electric water pumps, cooling fans, telemetry, data acquisition, lights, trans brake and line lock solenoids plus other accessories.

The kit includes one of our solid-state POWERCELLs, a pre-engineered switch panel plus an IOX switch interface.  You also get all of the universal wiring that you need to complete the harness.

Check out this video to see the details of our Infinitybox Express Kits.

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Express Drag Kit

We just got a few pictures from one of our customers in the United Kingdom.  He just finished wiring his 1991 Honda Civic as a drag car.  He used our Express Drag Car wiring kit.  From the picture below, you can see how simple and easy it is.

The Express Drag Car Wiring Kit is a complete and universal wiring set up for any naturally aspirated car.  It includes one of our POWERCELLs, one 8-position switch panel, one of our IOX Input/Output expander modules and all of the harnesses and fuses required to finish the job.

The POWERCELL is our universal output cell.  It replaces all of the relays in your car.  It has 10-outputs, each fused within the POWERCELL.  Each output is rated up to 25-amps continuously.  The entire POWERCELL can supply 125-amps continuously.  All of the outputs are solid-state.  That means that there are no relay contacts to wear over time due to high-vibration or mechanical shock.  This also means that we can turn the outputs on and off 5 to 10 milliseconds faster than a conventional relay.

The 8-position switch panel is very simple to install.  The entire panel connects back to the POWERCELL through 4 simple wires.  All of the switches are back lit and indicate when the outputs are on or off.  The toggles have a very solid feel with a resonant click.  You know when they are on or off, even when wearing gloves.  Lastly, these switches come out of the marine industry.  They are designed to thrive in high-vibration, wet and dirty environments.  The switch panel is going to control the ignition, starter, fuel pump, water pump, cooling fan, lights and two additional auxiliary outputs.  These AUX outputs can be used to control extra fans, pumps, data acquisition, telemetry, cool suits or anything else that you need to switch in the car.

The IOX lets you connect other wired switches into the system.  This includes the line-lock, trans-brake and bump-start buttons.  The IOX is small enough to loom anywhere needed in the harness.  It has diagnostic LEDs on it to show you what is going on.  The inputs are ground switched which means you simply run the output wire from the IOX to your switch, then ground the other side of the switch.  It’s that easy.

This picture shows the cockpit of the car.  You can see the POWERCELL mounted in the passenger foot well.  This is a right-hand drive car from The United Kingdom, so flip things around in your head.  The switch panel is mounted in the center console below the heater vents.  The IOX is also mounted in the center console out of sight.

Interior of 1991 Honda set up for drag racing. This car is wired with the Infinitybox Express Drag Car Kit.

Interior of 1991 Honda set up for drag racing. This car is wired with the Infinitybox Express Drag Car Kit.

You can click this link to contact our team to learn more about the Express Drag Car Kit.  We also have versions of this kit for track cars and off-road racing.

Thanks to Stephen for sharing this picture.  We’re proud to be a part of your team.