Mercury Rising Wins 2021 Street Machine of the Year

Our Infinitybox system has been used to wire the best cars out there.  We’ve helped our customers win some of the most prestigious awards out there.  Chad F’s “Mercury Rising” just won the Goodguys 2021 PPG Street Machine of the Year.  Congratulations to to Chad and the entire team behind building the car.  This 1969 Camaro is completely wired with our Infinitybox wiring system.

Chad started the build with a complete RS/SS car that was rebuilt about 15 years ago.  It was a great foundation for his vision for the ultimate Pro-Touring car.  Chad worked with the team at Mountain Home Street Rods to create this automotive masterpiece.

The body modifications are extensive, the engine power is impressive and the suspension updates get him the flexibility for a daily driver or Autocross.

Mercury Rising Camaro- 2021 Winner of the Street Machine of the Year

Chad started with our 20-Circuit Kit as the core to his electrical system.  He added inLINK to have the flexibility to enable and disable security from a key fob.  He then added inTOUCH NET to have complete control of the car from his smart phone or a tablet.  This includes control of his power windows using inMOTION and his Vintage Air Gen-IV through inVIRONMENT.

Our team worked with Chad and the guys at Mountain Home Street Rods to customize his Infinitybox system to get him the personalization that he wanted.  This included adding a trunk popper to his inLINK key fobs and the screens on his inTOUCH NET.

Steven Bunker from Fuel Curve Magazine wrote a great article covering the details of the car.  John Jackson, Steven Bunker and Damon Lee shot all of the pictures.  You can read the article by clicking this link.

The Infinitybox system in Chad’s Camaro completely compliments the Pro-Touring style of the build.  He has invested in a modern engine, transmission and suspension to get the performance that he wants.  His investment in his Infinitybox system gets him modern electrical features in this classic car.

Our Infinitybox team is proud to be a part of this build.  Congratulations to Chad for a well-deserved win.

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Mercury Rising Camaro- 2021 Winner of the Street Machine of the Year