Title image from Jeff Jordan's article covering the Do's and Don'ts of wiring race cars

Great Wiring Article

Wiring is one of those things that intimidates a lot of people.  There is a mystery around things when we can’t see how they work.  We have spent a lot of time over the years helping guys learn simple tricks about how to wire their cars better with our Infinitybox system.

Regardless of how you’re wiring your car, there are some simple tricks and techniques that will make the job easier, safer and more reliable.  This includes when you wire your car with our Infinitybox system, or just add a simple relay to an existing car.  Josh Kirsh of Chevy Hardcore and Jeff Jordan of Jordan Innovations wrote a great article that just ran in Chevy Hardcore.  It covers some basic but important tips for wiring.

The article is called The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Wiring a Race Car.  All of the tips are really intuitive and simple to follow.  Here are the highlights.

The Do’s…

  1. Diagram everything.  This will make troubleshooting in the future very easy.
  2. Use crimps when vibration or strain is an issue.  There are good reasons not to solder splices.
  3. Stagger your joints.
  4. Use proper strain relief and abrasion protection.
  5. Use high quality materials and the right tools.

The Don’ts…

  1. Don’t hack it!
  2. Don’t wire both ends then route the wires.
  3. Watch solder joints in areas of high vibration or strain.
  4. Use the right tools for important crimps.
  5. Take your time.  Don’t Rush!

You can catch the full article with a bunch of great pictures at this link. 

You can learn more about what Jeff and his team are doing by visiting their website at

If you have additional questions about wiring your car with our Infinitybox system, give our team a call at (847) 232-1991.  You can also reach out team directly by clicking this link.