Fixing inCODE Software Driver

Our inCODE Programmer is the tool that you need to load custom configurations into your Infinitybox system.  It connects your computer to your MASTERCELL to let you make changes.  Our technical support team makes the changes for you.  You use inCODE to load these changes into your system.  This link will take you to the basics on using inCODE.

If you carefully read the instructions for using inCODE, you will see a big and bold message that says to not plug the inCODE programmer into your computer until after you have loaded the Embed Inc software.  When you plug the inCODE programmer into your computer, Windows automatically installs the drivers that it needs to make it work correctly.  When you install the Embed Inc software, it installs the drivers for inCODE and leaves instructions for Windows so it knows what to do with inCODE.  If you plug inCODE into your computer before you install the Embed Inc software, your computer takes a guess at what the inCODE programmer is and assigns a random driver to it.  You will get an error when you try to load code onto your system if this happens.

Reinstalling the Embed Inc software will not solve this issue since Windows has already assigned the wrong driver to the inCODE hardware.  You need to remove the inCODE programmer from your Device Manager and let Windows recognize it again.  This quick video will help you go through this process.

Please click on this link to contact our technical support team if you have any additional questions about setting up your inCODE programmer.