Please fill out this form to request custom configuration changes for your Infinitybox wiring system.  Our engineering team will review your request and get you the updates as soon as possible.

Please note, we do not charge for custom code changes if they fall within our standard menu of changes.  You can see these options by clicking on this link.  We do ask you to be respectful of our time and resources.  Fill out this form as completely and accurately.  We will charge for multiple changes to your code due to omissions, incompleteness or inaccuracies in the form.  Please contact our team in advance with any questions.

Infinitybox System Configuration Change Request

  • Please give us the serial number of your MASTERCELL so that we can identify your system. This is stamped above the LCD screen, under the clear cover on the MASTERCELL
  • Please Be As Detailed As Possible. Describe the changes to your inputs by number and how you want them to interact with the POWERCELL and inMOTION outputs by number. For inTOUCH NET changes, please detail the buttons on the screens that you want to change and how they should interact with the POWERCELL and inMOTION outputs by number.
    If you select the checkbox we will add the email you entered above to our mailing list.

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