Ford Fairmont

Our good friend Mike Ruth at Alston Racing rebuilt a great piece of race history.  This is a tribute to the Ford Fairmont made famous by Bob Glidden.  We’re proud to be a part of this project.  We worked with Mike and his team to wire it with our Infinitybox Express Drag Kit.

Mike is trying to stay true to the roots of this car.  At the same time, he wants it to be functional and easy to maintain.  Wiring is always one of those areas in racing that causes problems at the track.  That’s why Mike turned to our team to provide a simple and reliable electrical system for the car.  We’re controlling everything electrical on the car.  This includes the ignition, starter, lights, fuel pump, cooling fans, Accu-sump, water pump, line lock solenoid and trans-brake solenoid.

His POWERCELL is mounted near where the glove box would be in the car.  This location makes all of the runs of power wires short and easy to service if needed.  His switch panel is located on the roll bar in the center of the car and the IOX is located just forward of the shifter.

REVan EVAN shot a great video of the car at the 2019 PRI Show in Indianapolis.  Check out the video below.

This car has a great history and legacy to the racing community.  Mike is proud to keep that legacy alive.  You can follow this car through the Midwest Pro Stock Association on Facebook.  This link will take you there.  They race it a lot in the summer months.  Be sure to catch it when it comes to town.

If you have a race car that needs wiring, give our team a call to learn more.

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