Discover the Things You Can Do with the Infinitybox System

Adding custom electrical accessories to your classic car or truck? Have you considered how you are going to provide power and control them? Infinitybox provides an easy solution.

The Infinitybox system replaces your classic car or truck’s wiring harness with a programmable electrical distribution system.  This smart wiring system allows you to easily power and control the accessories you want to add and can do things like:

Classic Chrysler wired with the Infinitybox System

Lighting – Control all the lights in the car. Get headlight delays, Daytime Running Lights. Control any configuration of taillights, fade interior lights, and more.
Engine – Power ignition, starter, cooling fans, and fuel delivery. Add one button start, engine immobilization for security, and more.
Windows and Locks – From any switch, key fob or Smart Device control power windows and locks, door popper solenoids, add window express down, and more.
Heating & A/C – Control popular heating and A/C systems from any Smart Device.  Eliminate heat and A/C controls from dash.
Audio – Power remote amps and subwoofers without running extra wires.
And Much More –Infinitybox allows your car or truck to do things you never dreamed of.

Our Infinitybox experts will help you build your custom electrical system.

Please fill out the form below to tell us about the electrical accessories or electronic control features you would like to add to your car or truck. We’ll then contact you to discuss how Infinitybox can provide the best solution.

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Watch this video to get an overview of how the Infinitybox system works and how it is different from a traditional wiring harness.

Example of a Street Rod wired with the Infinitybox System
Example of a Street Rod with the Infinitybox Wiring System
Example of a Hot Rod wired with the Infinitybox System
Example of a Pro-Touring Car wired with the Infinitybox System
Example of a Kit Car Wired with the Infinitybox System