Wiring Your Race Car?

      • Infinitybox replaces a race car wire harness with a programmable electrical distribution system
      • The highly customizable Infinitybox system is easily installed and set up to meet your needs – saves you time, aggravation, and confusion
      • Race proven electrical distribution system eliminates bulk, complexity, and weight
      • System can also be programmed for timing, delays and staging
      • Responsive expert Infinitybox technical support

      Whether you are modifying your existing race car, or building one, we develop high performance and high-quality solutions for your specific needs.

      You’re on your way finding your best electrical system solution!

      Please fill out the form below to tell us about your vehicle’s electronic needs. We’ll then contact you to learn more about your race car application and discuss how Infinitybox can be integrated with your vehicle to meet those needs.

Infinitybox Express Racing Kit
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Example of a Rally Car wired with the Infinitybox system
Example of a Race Car wired with the Infinitybox System.
Example of a Dragster wired with the Infinitybox system.
Example of a Baja car wired with the Infinitybox system
Vintage Race Car wired with the Infinitybox system.