Thank you for visiting the Infinitybox website. This list includes some of the most common questions that people ask about wiring their cars & trucks with our system. If you don’t see what you need here or if you need immediate assistance visit our contact page.

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The most common question that we get is “Can I use Infinitybox to wire my car or truck?” If your vehicle has a 12 or 24-volt DC system and you need to turn things on and off, Infinitybox is the system for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re building an armored vehicle, a bus, a dragster, a tactical truck or a hot-rod, Infinitybox is the most flexible, versatile and functional vehicle power management system in the market.

For the Gen-II, there are two wires you need to worry about. One is the red wire. This is the primary power and it should be connected directly to the battery or some other constant battery feed. The second it the purple wire. This is your ignition power feed and it energizes a relay to power on the system. You should splice this purple wire into your POWERCELL ignition output.

You can easily remove any of the unused wires from the MASTERCELL and POWERCELL connectors.

For the POWERCELL connectors, first remove the blue TPA (terminal position assurance) clip from the back of the connector. Then, simply insert a small blade into the slot on the front of the connector. This bends down a locking tab on the terminal. Once you do this, you can pull the wire out of the back of the connector. Replace the TPA when you are finished.

For the MASTERCELL, unclip the retainers on the front of the connector. There are two small white tabs on the sides that hold them on. Each terminal is held in with a small white plastic finger on the connector. You can gently lift these white fingers and pull the unused wires from the back of the connectors.

Not every car has reverse lights so we don’t define one specifically. You can use any of the open outputs on the rear POWERCELL for these. Simply connect the corresponding MASTERCELL input wire to the reverse switch on your transmission.

The Infinitybox system was originally designed for commercial vehicles. It was tested and qualified for some of the most extreme applications including construction, agriculture and military trucks. Our hardware is presently used in service trucks, first-responder vehicles, armored trucks, busses, coaches, RV’s and military tactical vehicles. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific application.

Each POWERCELL output can supply up to 25-amps. The answer is yes. For example, you are going to use your ignition output to power your ignition system, your gauge power, your audio power and your heating & A/C.

Typically no. The POWERCELL has solid-state relays built into it with fuses to protect the output wires. Each output can supply up to 25-amps, which will work for the majority of applications in your car or truck.

The only time you would need to use a relay is when you are powering something that draws more than 25-amps continuously.

Remember that the fuse is designed to protect the wire not the thing at the end of the wire. All of the output wires in the Infinitywire are 14-AWG. This blog post has more information and some guidelines.